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City of Winnipeg Best Practices for Snow removal.

The Heavy Equipment & Aggregate Truckers Association of Manitoba Inc. is pleased to have partnered with the City of Winnipeg Streets & Maintenance Department to present “City of Winnipeg – Best Practices for Snow Removal” Online Training Orientation. This course was developed to ensure consistency in clearing and as an attempt to minimize damages to both city and private property.

Foreman, Management and Contractors sat down together to provide basic, yet detailed information to assist operators in clearing a variety of obstacles during a snow plow operation. Narration along with visual animations will assist learners of many styles in performing consistently with minimal damage.

All operators working on loaders, graders & plows on an hourly basis for the City of Winnipeg are required to complete this orientation which should take approximately 45 minutes to complete. This should be done prior to the 1st time that a piece of equipment is operated for the City. Participants will be emailed a course certificate that can be printed or shown electronically when checking in.

Many hours went in to the preparation of this course which we feel accurately teaches operators Best Practices. We hope that you find it a useful training resource for your employees.

Click here to view City of Winnipeg Best Practices for Snow removal http://www.citysnowremoval.ca

RPM Trucking Industry Safety Program

The Trucking Safety Council's objective is to provide employers and workers in the Manitoba Trucking Industry with health & safety expertise, training and supports within an accessible framework. The goal is to assist your company to create a healthy, safe and productive workplace with an integrated culture of safety. HEAT is proud to be a part of this objective as it allows our members access to a COR equivalent safety certification. This safety program provides initiatives to complete programming, more specific to trucking that allows our member companies to work on Provincial projects without getting COR certified.

Click here to view all courses offered through RPM website https://www.rpmsafety.ca/

SAFE Roads Manitoba

The Safe Roads Campaign is a community initiative led by key public/private stakeholders committed to educating and encouraging motorists to engage in respectful and safe driving practices. HEAT is proud to be a part of this initiative, alongside:

  • City of Winnipeg Public Works
  • City of Brandon
  • Construction Safety Association of Manitoba (CSAM)
  • Manitoba Government Employees Union (MGEU)
  • Manitoba Heavy Construction Association (MHCA)
  • Manitoba Hydro
  • Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation (MIT)
  • Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI)
  • Manitoba Trucking Association (MTA)
  • Office of the Fire Commissioner
  • SAFE Work Manitoba
  • Winnipeg Fire & Paramedics Service (WFPS)
  • Winnipeg Police Service (WPS)

Over 95 percent of our members conduct their work on the roads in some way through snow removal, road construction or everyday travel. HEAT, alongside its partners are committed to reducing road related incidents that may keep us from arriving home safely to our families each night. By combining our budget with the budgets of the above partners, SAFE Roads Manitoba is able to produce an impactful campaign! Research has shown that 86% of people polled, that were aware of the campaign were more considerate and understanding of workers and their designated work zones.

Click here to learn more about SAFE Roads Manitoba

Big Rig Rescue

HEAT is pleased to partner up with the new “Big Rig Rescue” initiative started by the Winnipeg Fire Department. The Winnipeg Fire Department (WFD) responds to over 100,000 calls annually. Fires, medical emergencies, hazmat, high angle, trench rescue and vehicle rescues are just some of the types of emergencies attended to daily. The use and transportation of heavy equipment and big rig trucks (big rig) in Manitoba is boundless. Big rig trucks and heavy equipment incidents require a certain response with special equipment and trained personnel.

WFD is expanding its response and training to meet these needs. The group is developing a big rig training course and have hosted big rig weekend training scenarios. These scenarios require the use of specialized rescue equipment, big rigs and expert trainers. We have had discussions with capital region (the towns surrounding Winnipeg) and the need for big rig response in these areas has been identified. We are developing plans for a mutual aid response, specially equipped big rig rescue trailers and training fire personnel to meet these needs. This is a huge task.

Big rigs are large and heavy. Large wood cribbing, special stabilizers and extrication equipment are a considerable cost. The transportation of that equipment. Expert trainers are required. Big rigs are needed to train with. We have partnered with a local towing company and begun training with surrounding departments. HEAT is a huge resource for us with contacts within the industry. Contacts that can provide much needed resources so responders can mitigate big rig incidents effectively. It's all about saving lives. If you have old or damaged equipment that you might be able to lend us for training sessions or if you are interested in sharing your expertise with this group, please contact our office.